Доставка азійської кухні у Chernivtsi

Green Zone 45 хв.

Жовта зона 59 хв.

Червона зона 59 хв.

050 159 77 77

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Наповніть його
mix salad, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sesame mix, WOK salmon, squid WOK, shrimp WOK, Hot sauce, Unagi sauce
Thai Cesar
290 г
tiger shrimp tempura, mix salad, cherry tomatoes, Romen salad, egg, Thai sauce, ciabatta, togarashi, pickled onions, french onions
Asia roll
320 г
nori, king prawn, salmon, cucumber, rice, cream cheese, ginger, french onions, Spicy sauce, Unagi sauce
Golden Dragon
280 г
rice, nori, cream cheese, omelette, eel, masago caviar, sesame mix, Unagi sauce
Yoki restaurant is even closer for everyone

In the midst of the chaos and frenzied rhythm of the city, in the heart of it, every samurai and his loved one is waiting for a unique Asian adventure.

Author’s cocktails, Asian cuisine, exclusive parties and crazy atmosphere leaves no one indifferent. We are waiting to catch “Zen” together!

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Asia is close

They met at the crossing borders: east and west, traditions and technology, myths and present…
YOKI is a chain of Asian cuisine restaurants with its deep history and modern culture.

The restaurants united: Asian cuisine in various cooking techniques, phenomenal music (DJ residence), a fantastic hookah card, own karaoke and delivery service.
Yoki is a separate world that will lead you from chaos to harmony and awake the Samurai in You!

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